I’ve been fortunate to maintain two parallel careers – one in marketing and advertising and the other as a fine arts professional for over twenty years – all while pursuing my passion, and honing my craft, as a storyteller.

In 2015, they all came together when I wrote and independently published the non-fiction book "Launching Your Art Career: A Practical Guide for Artists." It became a #1 book in its category on Amazon and required reading at art school across the country. That experience led me to create a website and online courses for artists. My interest in marketing steered me towards pursuing certifications as a social media strategist and a book marketing specialist. Today, I split my time between writing fiction and helping artists and authors realize their dreams.

My books are listed on my personal website here.

I offer my bestselling book marketing services through my affiliation with Passion Project Publishing, a group of writers, editors, marketers and strategists who love putting their knowledge and experience to work helping authors bring their passion projects to life.

You can find additional resources for artists on the Practical Advice for Artists website.

I hope you find these courses for artists inspiring, informative and helpful!

Alix Sloan
Practical Advice for Artists